In 2015, ventureboyz llc was formed by two long-time friends who desired to create a search engine to find truly localized events. VSPOTZ was born out of this concept. The ventureboyz spent countless hours over the past two years aggregating data and working with local venues to give life to the project and to create a seemlessly functioning, usable site where users could find valuable event information in their local markets. The goal being to connect people in every community through HYPERLOCAL events.
The Initial Challenge that Gave Birth to VSPOTZ
As individuals who live outside of a major metropolitan area, we recognized that there were no comprehensive online databases to find local events near us. All of the search engines available returned only events from the nearest major city or metropolitan area, thus excluding many of events nearest to most people outside of these areas. The sites just didn't have enough content in surrounding spots provide truly localized events. As a result, most people searching for events outside of these major cities or metropolitan areas are excluded and unable to effectively utilize these search engines as a useful tool. Additionally, local merchants in these areas are not able to list their events and target local markets and event-goers on these sites.
Our Promise
We continuously strive to provide the ultimate experience in connectivity by creating a bridge whereby people can connect easily with others in their communities. To do that, our site priorities a seemless user environment that will enable you to search for truly localized events in your community and connect with others nearby. In addition, we hope to provide a valuable marketplace for local vendors and merchants to use as a tool to promote their businesses and events to individuals within their actual community. A truly targeted market for vendors who desire to promote in their local area. We've spent countless hours over the past two years collecting data and establishing relationships with businesses and event venues from around the country in an effort to help formulate this project. At any given time, our site currently hosts approximately 400,000-500,000 live LOCAL events from over 7,000,000 different event venues in the United States, and we expanding and improving each and every day.

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