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What is VSPOTZ and what does VSPOTZ stand for?
You can learn more about VSPOTZ and who we are by clicking on the links under the directory on the right hand side of this page. In essence, VSPOTZ is short for VENTURESPOTZ, a spot you can count on to find an endless variety of places and events throughout the United States and your home to the ultimate experience in hyperlocal event searching. We aim to be the most comprehesive event discovery tool available to our users.
VSPOTZ is a signature product of ventureboyz llc, the very handsome developers of this website. To learn more about the ventureboyz, you can view our Meet the Developers page or visit our website.
I own a business listed on your website. What should I do to promote my site, receive analytics about my events, or updates from your site?
There are many ways to advertise your event, access analytics, and promote yourself through the site. We highly recommend all hosts and event venues view their place and event information and claim it on the event and place pages of our site. Verified events and places receive higher traffic and provide security to the user that the event is occurring.
In addition, you can always promote your event pages by clicking on our "Promote this Event" button within your event. This will ensure that your event is viewed at the top of the search results for your local radius search, encouraging users to click when they search for events in the area.
You can access data, analytics and event tools through our login pages if you would like to customize your event and place information. We allow you to login through facebook, or as a VSPOTZ user. If you have any questions, would like to see additional features or or would like to see additional analytics about your event that you can't find through these features, please feel free to contact us at any time at Our site is specifically designed to try and help you showcase your events. We love hearing from our users!
Will signing in with Facebook and/or creating a vspotz account improve my user or hosting experience?
Absolutely. You may see more events since certain events are only open to facebook users or may require a user to log in to facebook in order to view them. Don't yell at us, it's set up that way by the event organizers. But more importantly, you'll have more options and get more personalized results. We can customize events based on your location, likes and interests. We can also show you mutual friends attending events, allow you to create and save a personal dashbord, RSVP to events, follow places and events, and post events and event photos to your Facebook, Instagram and/or twitter. You can post to all social media platforms in one place and meet up with others who share the same interests or who want to attend the same events as you. You can create events. you can share events with your friends. you can watch events and add to your personal dashboard. you can search events.
This is our internal ranking of an event based on its social media presence and popularity, among other things. It's one of many tools we've created to help you determine how fun or popular a particular event may be based on all of the other events and activities going on in your area. Only a small number of designated events that meet a particular VSPOTZ ranking standard qualify to be rated as a hotspot as these are typically our most popular events. It's not an exact science, but hey, let's face it - we could all use a little help in our decision making process!
Helpful hint for planning purposes: we won't rank any event the developers attend as a HOTSPOT. Because really, who wants to run into one of us?
Why am I listed on your website if I've never signed up?
Chances are it's because you signed up to attend a public event on facebook. Your VSPOTZ profile is merely your public facebook profile and the event information is based on your history of publicly attended facebook events. If, however, you no longer wish to be listed on our site, you can opt out anytime by contacting us at
I have an event listed on your site. How do I make changes or updates to my event?
Event organizers on vspotz can sign on to edit or monitor their events using our event host login. If you are the organizer of an event that was not created organically through our site, you can still easily make any necessary edits or changes to your event by signing in to our site at the above link using your facebook credentials and verifying your identity as the organzier. To sign up on vspotz as a business or event host and begin creating events and using our event host dashboard, please create a vspotz event host account. The vspotz team can also create, monitor and spotlight events for you using our VIP service. Please contact us directly for more information about this service.


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