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"Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive, hyper-localized event database imaginable so that you can pursue your passions and dreams with ease."


who are the ventureboyz?


Ventureboyz llc was co-founded in 2016 by Michael Laudino and Marc Borrelli with one vision in mind: To develop a highly sophisticated set of digital software solutions empowering people to connect with one another quickly, easily and more readily than ever before. The result is vspotz, our inaugural product and the first major step towards that goal. But vspotz is just the beginning of a long journey. We are committed to our users and will continue to work tirelessly in our quest to build the preeminent in "connected" experiences for you to enjoy. We look forward to providing ongoing support and the very best in revolutionary digital media solutions.

Because, as the ventureboyz always say, "the bridge between aspiration and accomplishment is connectability."


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Michael Laudino

Michael is a partner and co-founder of ventureboyz llc and vspotz. He works a full-time job as the in-house corporate counsel for a privately-held distribution company, but manages to satisfy his appetite for computer programming and design with midnight coding sessions. However, his greatest talent is his ability to consistently dominate his family fantasy football league.

Superhero: Plastic Man. No one ever picks him.

Most played song on my ipod: Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong

Favorite Saying: "So it turns out that being an adult is mostly just googling how to do stuff."

Favorite vspotz event type: fitness

Marc Borrelli

Marc is a partner and co-founder of ventureboyz llc and vspotz. Although he dreams about coding each night in his sleep, he also works a full-time job as an insurance industry advisor specializing in senior global premium accounting. In his spare time, he may or may not work in Hollywood motion pictures as a Tom Cruise stunt double.

Superhero: Wolverine. The guy is a beast.

Most played song on my ipod: Pat Benatar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Favorite Saying: "Some people become doctors and lawyers and I just spent 18 minutes trying to open a pistachio."

Favorite vspotz event type: sports

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