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VSPOTZ is a hyperlocal event search engine with a focus on collecting events happening in towns near you versus just the major cities. learn more

Our mission is to bring people together one event at a time.
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The VSPOTZ database currently houses 502,132 events occuring in the next 90 days throughout the US. These events are diversely spread amongst 29,349 different US towns and cities.

The focus of VSPOTZ remains to collect every event, from the largest cities to the smallest towns, to provide the most comprehensive local event search results available.

The VSPOTZ event database currently contains 19,759 happening today alone amongst a span of 8,461 different local US towns.

These statistics are provided to solidify our pledge of finding and displaying small town local events outside the scope of major metropolitan areas.

VSPOTZ returns truly localized events from anywhere in the United States so you can always see what's happening in your specific location.


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