Recipe: Perfect Loquat Pit 'Almond Tofu' Custard

Loquat Pit 'Almond Tofu' Custard.

Loquat Pit 'Almond Tofu' Custard You can have Loquat Pit 'Almond Tofu' Custard using 8 ingredients and 15 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Loquat Pit 'Almond Tofu' Custard

  1. Prepare of ※ see step 2 Loquat.
  2. It’s of milk – 300 ml ●For the light version.
  3. It’s of milk – 200 ml + heavy cream – 100 ml ●For the medium version.
  4. You need of milk – 130 ml + heavy cream – 200 ml ●For the rich version.
  5. Prepare of Whole eggs.
  6. You need of ※If using egg yolks only.
  7. Prepare of Sugar.
  8. It’s of (Optional) Skimmed milk powder or condensed milk.

Loquat Pit 'Almond Tofu' Custard instructions

  1. Take the seeds out of the loquat fruit. Wash the kernels well, and make several cuts in them using a knife or kitchen scissors. You can peel the kernels easily with your fingernails from those cuts. Peel about 2 kernels. (There's no need to dry the seeds.).
  2. The key point here is the number of kernels used. Loquat seeds contain amygdalin. It's fine to consume a tiny amount in a day, but you should not consume too much. Do not eat more than 3 kernels at a time..
  3. Grate the peeled kernels using a fine tooth grater. (You can also pulverize them in a food processor or blender.) You can already smell the bitter almond aroma at this point. You only need a small amount..
  4. If it's too much work to grate the kernels, put them in a small plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin, or chop them up very finely with a knife..
  5. Put the milk, fresh cream (and skim milk powder or condensed milk) in a pan. Add the grated kernels. Heat until it's just about to boil..
  6. Turn the heat off and leave the pan as is for a while. (This is to let the aroma permeate the liquid.) Preheat the oven to 170°C, and boil the water for the water bath..
  7. While the oven is preheating and the milk-cream liquid being infused with the loquat seeds, beat the eggs and sugar together (remove the membrane from the eggs first) until the mixture turns pale yellow..
  8. You can use whole eggs or just the yolks. (If you want the pudding to be very rich and creamy, just use yolks. If you want it to set firmly, use whole eggs.).
  9. Strain the infused milk-cream mixture from Step 6 through a strainer or sieve. (skip this step if you'd like to take in all of the nutritional value of the kernels and the texture as well.).
  10. Combine the Step 7 egg-sugar mixture with the Step 9 liquid. Mix well and pour into the mold..
  11. Pour 60°C or so hot water into an oven tray, and put it with the pudding mold into the oven. Bake in the water bath at 160°C for 40 to 45 minutes..
  12. If using a microwave: Put the mold in a larger container filled with hot water, and cover with plastic wrap. Microwave for 5 minutes at 600 W..
  13. You're all done. The creamy pudding has the fragrance of apricot pits. Although it's a very rich pudding, the aftertaste is very light and elegant..
  14. You can enjoy this with the fruit of the loquat too..
  15. For a version made with gelatin that's set in the refrigerator.
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