How to Prepare Appetizing Mix sweet potatoes porridge

Mix sweet potatoes porridge. It can be called sweet potato porridge/pottage this recipe is healthy & yummy. Click on this link for more information about the nutritional benefits of this recipe: https Следующее. Hey guys Here is a simple sweet potato dish.

Mix sweet potatoes porridge Sweet potato porridge is just too simple and delicious to enjoy as breakfast, lunch or dinner; making sweet potatoes into porridge (pottage) is one of the great ways to intensify the sweetness of these veggies; this makes them surprisingly satisfying with just few seasonings. Join GEENA as she takes you through fun cooking and eating on the best Cook show in Nigeria (we no dey make mouth). Bring the water to a fast boil then simmer over medium heat – add more water if they dry out too much and cook till sweet potatoes are tender and rice is soft. You can have Mix sweet potatoes porridge using 4 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Mix sweet potatoes porridge

  1. Prepare of Mix vegetables(cabbage, carrots, mushrooms).
  2. It’s of Sweet potatoes(purple,orange).
  3. It’s of Japanese yam.
  4. You need of Cooked rice.

For vegan porridge, swap out regular milk for soy or almond milk. Sweet Rice Porridge. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Rice porridge with sliced sweet potatoes Sweet rolls made from sticky rice and black seseme filled with different kinds of nuts Cooking boiled potatoes in the mashed potatoes in a metal pan Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes. Porridge. healthy porridge cooked with sweet potato.

Mix sweet potatoes porridge instructions

  1. Add the sweet potatoes,japanese yam and cooked rice into a pot and boiled.ready to eat with seasoning..
  2. Pan fried vegetables with garlics. Seasoning and ready to serve..
  3. Pan fried the beancurd until brown. Add Chinese parsley stir together. Ready to serve..

For diet and nutrition, healthy eating and lifestyle concepts. Yam pottage/Yam porridge (Asaro) is a very delicious Yam recipe though it's eaten by most tribes in It's best to use as little spice as possible because the yam itself is sweet so excessive spice will Mash the Yams with a Potato masher or a wooden spoon (You can mash everything into a creamy. Cut the sweet potatoes into thin slices along with garlic cloves. Japanese rice porridge, or 'okayu', is a warm and delicious comfort food. It's so soft and easy to digest so it's a perfect dish for when you're sick!

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