Recipe: Yummy Chicken spread sandwich

Chicken spread sandwich. The chicken salad is quick and easy. If you want a little 'zip', add a few drops of hot sauce to the mixture! Serve on lettuce as a salad or on bread as a sandwich.

Chicken spread sandwich Or use the spread to fill small buns or rolls for a party or gathering. The formula is very basic; it's a versatile sandwich spread that lends itself to all kinds of variations and additions (see below). The Best Chicken Sandwich Spread Recipes on Yummly You can have Chicken spread sandwich using 7 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chicken spread sandwich

  1. Prepare of small bowl corianter.
  2. You need of small bowl spring onion.
  3. You need of small bowl of mayonnaise.
  4. It’s of black pepper.
  5. You need of teaspoon salt.
  6. It’s of Chicken half kg.
  7. It’s of Burger bun.

Chicken Sandwiches With Basil-caper Spread, Diy Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Sandwiches With Roasted Pepper And Goat Cheese Spread Chicken Salad Sandwich Spread is sure to be a family favorite. Chockful of shredded chicken, chopped eggs, and crushed pineapple, it's delicious as a snack, appetizer or light meal. We, Filipinos, love our rice and noodles like the next Asian, but bread is also an integral part of our food culture. Perfect for picnics, ideal at celebrations and just-right for any quick-fix meal, this chicken salad sandwich recipe is a balanced combination of hearty meat, crunchy celery and onion and creamy mayonnaise.

Chicken spread sandwich instructions

  1. All ingredients required.
  2. Mix all ingredients well.
  3. Ready to served.
  4. Ready to eat 😋.

If you have leftover cooked chicken from another meal, turn it into easy chicken salad. Chicken Spread Recipe: So delicious and healthy! In a large mixing bowl put the drained canned chicken, Mayo,peppers, tomatoes, onion, garlic and seasonings. Mix it with a fork until smooth. Breton crackers or whole grain crackers make a nice companion for this spread, or make sandwiches!

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